On Václav Havel and More

  • Where: Brno
  • When: March 24, 2016 14:00 till 22:31

Series of events of Michael Žantovský in Brno.

14.00–16.00 / University Cinema, Moravské nám. 3

Discussion with Students

Debate with Michael Žantovský on Václav Havel, his biography Havel and the transformation of values in Czech society and Czech foreign policy.

Chaired by the dean of the Faculty of Social Studies at Masaryk University, Břetislav Dančák.

Discussion open to the public.

Organised by the Student Section of the International Institute of Political Science and the Václav Havel Library.

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17.00–18.45 / Knihovna Jiřího Mahena v Brně, Kobližná 4

Big Book Thursday

A spy thriller set in the near future, the title of Ochlazení (The Cooling) is not merely figurative – it concerns the cooling of relations between Russia, the European Union and NATO – but also literal. Russia ceases to supply Europe with oil and gas. The story came out in 2008 under the pseudonym Daniel Wolf but is now being published under the name of the author, Michael Žantovský. Along with fellow authors Alice Horáčková and Aleš Palán, he will discuss writing and more with Czech Television journalist Petr Vizina.

Organised by the bookshop Kosmas and Knihovna Jiřího Mahena v Brně.

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19.15–20.30 / Vila Tugendhat, Černopolní 45

Václav Havel’s Legacy Today

An intimate discussion with Michael Žantovský in the inspirational setting of the Glass Room on the legacy of Václav Havel, the role of the Václav Havel Library, the book Havel and whatever interests audience members.

Registration in advance required on tel. 515 511 015 or at; admission CZK 50.

Organised by Vila Tugendhat and the Václav Havel Library.

More information.

21.00–22.30 / Divadlo Husa na provázku theatre, Veselá Husa club, Zelný trh 9

Cabinet Havel 2016 – Michael Žantovský in Brno!

Special evening in which Michael Žantovský will discuss his feelings from that period, sitting at a table where much has already been said. Mr. Žantovský, one of Havel’s closest associates, has consented to sit at that table once again. And we will try to articulate it again in the midst of a period when things are hotting up… Our responsibility. Our hopes. Our anxieties. Our cock-ups. Our vision.

The interview with Michael Žantovský will be conducted by Petr Oslzlý and Milan Uhde.

(Václav Havel would have celebrated his 80th birthday in six months’ time).

Organised by the Husa na provázku theatre and the Václav Havel Library.


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